Publish WordPress Blog Posts via Email

Blogging can be much more fun when you know you have a couple of cool WordPress options at your disposal. For instance, did you know that you can compose, format and publish WordPress blog posts right from inside your mailbox? Oh yeah, you can and it’s easy stuff :).

Just imagine the amount of work you can accomplish this way? Think of the flexibility and benefit this option brings you. I mean, you can post from wherever using any internet-enabled device whether or not you have the WordPress mobile app. If you are excited, let us look at the way you can use to publish WordPress blog posts via email.

Post by Email in Jetpack

Jetpack allows you to supercharge your self-hosted WordPress website by offering you a couple of nice features including Post by Email. So how do you post by email using Jetpack? Obviously, you must first install Jetpack on your WordPress site (Note: you cannot use this feature on a local installation of WordPress since JetPack, just an fyi if you were hoping to test this out on your localhost). With Jetpack installed on your WordPress platform, it is time for the next step: generating a special email address. You will send all the posts you would like to publish to this email address, so it’s important to keep it a secret. People (read hackers) with access to this email address can publish posts to your blog, something we definitely don’t want.

Fire up your favorite mail client (I love Gmail for business. Thank you Google Apps) and start composing your blog post. The title of your blog post goes in the subject field of your email and the post’s content goes in the body of your email – just like a typical email. Of course, once we’re done composing and formatting the post, we will send it to that special email address we generated earlier, so copy it in the to field.

Greetz, M.

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