Using Shortcodes to Customize Your Posts

When using JetPack to publish blog posts by email, there are some shortcodes you can use in the mail message to customize your post.

I had a wide satisfactory smile (more like a grin) on my face after testing shortcodes. After a short while and without breaking a sweat, I learned you could add categories, tags, excerpts, slugs, polls, delay your posts for hours or days, and turn comments on and off among other things. Here is a list of the available shortcodes:

  • [title Your Desired Post Title] – Sets your post title in case you cannot access the subject field from your mobile device
  • [category a,b,c] – Adds categories a, b and c to your post. E.g. [category Recipes, How-To] will assign categories Recipes and How-To to your post
  • [delay +1 hour] – This shortcode will instruct WordPress to publish your post after one (1) hour. [delay +2 days] means your post will be published after two days
  • [end] – Everything after this bad boy is ignored. Put it at the very end of your post with a blank line above it. This is the only shortcode you can’t use anywhere else in the body of your email. You can place any other shortcode wherever in your email except the subject field of course ;)
  • [tags a,b,c] – Adds tags a, b and c to your post
  • [excerpt]Your excerpt goes here…[/excerpt] – This shortcode adds an excerpt to your post
  • [slug add-your-slug-here] – Adds a slug to your post. A slug is a browser and SEO friendly URL of your post
  • [comments on | off] – Turns comments on or off
  • [nogallery] – Deactivates the gallery and displays all images inline
  • –  Turns your gallery into a slideshow
  • [more] – Works just like the more tag
  • [poll] Quiz and answers[/poll] – Adds a Polldaddy poll
  • [nextpage] – Allows you to paginate your blog post
  • [publicize off | yahoo | twitter | facebook] – Allows you to set your publicize options. For instance, [publicize off] disables the publicize feature for that particular post, and [publicize twitter] sends notification to your Twitter account only
  • [status publish | pending | draft | private] – What do you think this does?

Note: You must write all shortcodes in lowercase.

Greetz, M.

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